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The doorway to you

A self-transformational journey designed across 4 levels.

Level 1

– Get initiated into using the Shambhavi energy as a healing power that works on the root cause of any illness or disturbances in your life, be it emotional, physical, or mental. 

– Learn more about this well-guarded knowledge for centuries. It taps into the power of the 3rd eye chakra (motherboard of your existence) to bring infinite blessings.

Level 2

– Experience deep-rooted healing and Karmic Cleansing.

– Enhance awareness about patterns and long-standing issues in your life.

Level 3

– Basic understanding of the mind and our own mental barriers.

– Meditations and exercises to reduce the thoughts per second (TPS) and slowly letting go.

Level 4

– Meditate to meet yourself and move towards Shoonyata.

Who can join?

Anyone curious to learn, new to spirituality, or even established in spirituality, (get on the pursuit or have a quest)

Benefits across levels:

  • Understand, and master the mind, know when it is tricking you to feel limited and powerless
  • Determine one’s reality and beliefs based on what one chooses to see in the world
  • Clarity of thought
  • Experience Abundance in life
  • Enjoy interpersonal relationships
  • Resolving discomforts at mental, emotional and physical levels
  • Clearing unknown hurdles (known as Karmic patterns) 
  • Increased creativity and self-expression
  • Enhanced awareness and intuitions
  • Understanding mental health and resolving with self-help tools

It Only Takes 10 Minutes

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“We must understand the Cosmos as it is and not confuse how it is with how we wish it to be.”

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