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How can one be liberated while still living?

By February 16, 2023No Comments

A journey to Nepal for the Living Liberation Retreat.

As time glides the leaves of memory add their shimmer in our path, I gently carry those shimmers of the glorious journey and transition to a new direction and my new self, grateful to each person from my new tribe for their inscriptions on each leaf. I express deep gratitude to Jagriti Kajaria for her guiding light that led me into this direction which has indeed helped me discover hidden treasures. I recount my journey with team rudra at the Living Liberation Retreat with humility and a sense of awe. 

I joined the Living Liberation Retreat inquisitively to understand my purpose of being. I counted the days with anticipation as the retreat neared, it infused in me a curious enthusiasm to know myself, the people involved, and the programmes designed for us each day…the location as I had read was undoubtedly exquisite, amidst nature where we were surrounded by the tall snow capped mountains trying to hide behind the curtain of clouds. The skies mystically gave us glimpses of the Annapurna mountain range from the comfort at Sarangkot that stood on one such mountain. 

Finally as the countdown descended to the day of the journey, there was a high energy vibe in each member of the group that got together to walk this path in sync with each other. The journey as a start was a true test of nature with its challenges bringing in hurdles to block our path of evolution. The divine curtained the sky with white dense clouds and chose to block our path where no flights could be operational in landing at Sarangkot. This optimistic group decided to venture out via road where again they were tested by severe weather conditions leading to landslides on the road ahead. There was not a moment of doubt nor fear; rather, positivity and faith gripped the group in a bond of love where the desire to reach the destination was very clear. Each member bore the challenge and evolved with endurance. 

When the will is powerful and the goal is clear, no barrier can be an obstacle in the path. This was clear and evident in the case of the LLR group.The group was high on energy and enthusiasm on reaching the destination despite the long journey and at an odd restful hour and so began our new chapter. 

Each LLR session empowered each once of us with a new found self where our facilitator, Jagriti Kajaria, walked each one out of their patterns and pains of the past to finally accept and live in the NOW thus liberating us of the karmic baggage we had carried across lives. 

Jagritiji wove the sessions to make us undo our past, identify and accept our present, and moreover build our own future on our own terms. She infused the team with a magical potion of the destiny formula that is a key ingredient to living a life of choice in the NOW and in choosing acts of karma to prepare for the future in positivity.

Serene and approachable at all times, Jagritiji provided the participants with profound happiness and brewed tremendous love and harmony all along. The intense sessions were meticulously woven with sprouts of innovative fun activities all along. 

The Living Liberation Retreat was a platter full of fun, frolic and intense learning sprinkled with evolution. The culmination of the event led each member on their road to a new found liberated self free of the turmoil, pain and suffering.

Every individual that walked out had tasted the magical potion of Rudra Spiritual Pursuits and having dropped the past karmic baggage was on the way to a new found self thus living in the present and designing a glorious new future.

Thus, a new set of individuals returned back to their routine with a different outlook to life altogether carrying the leaves of memorable inscriptions from their learning at LLR.

I’d like to say thank you to the entire crew for helping me weave through, the team vibe has infused a completely new high in my existence and I feel lucky to be a part of the tribe called Rudra. 

PS. can’t wait for the next trip🫰

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