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For centuries, India has been the desired destination for explorers, traders, merchants and religious scholars. Our history books record India being the epicenter of gobal trade in several forms. Barters centered around tea, opium, spice, textiles and knowledge were renounded and sought after the world over. In the library of Alexandria, an ancient Persian travel log, scribbed on papyrus spoke about a special kind of knowledge hidden to the outside world; weaved with mysticism, spirituality, and in some cases occult sciences. Many of today’s available healing techniques, modern day medicinal practices and spiritual divination were thus traded and exchanged by the ones in search of this knowledge. One such secret that the masters of yester-years kept hidden and selectivly passed on to only a few members truly worthy of divine enrichment was called SHAMBHAVI.

The reason for this secrecy was to curb the potential misuse of such powerful knowledge and make it available to a handful who could make a diffrence to society. As centuries passed by, this knowledge was allowed to be taught under strict supervision and even today it is taught conservatively by a select few. Although a lot of this knowledge is yet kept as a deeply guarded secret, the mastery of it comes slowly and gradually with visible results. 

The Shambhavi Awakening is an evolutionary process of the soul. It is a journey of realisation that slowly brings you back from the external world and takes you deeper within yourself. Through guided meditations and specific practices, the individual is able to grow and evolve at all levels of their being. This is a process that makes you touch your true self and empowers your existance on this planet. As a result of this one experience; deep churning in all aspects of ones life begins to set in; leading to a struggle-free, effortless life with filled with a sense of belongingness, contentment and completion. 

Shambhavi is therefore not just a form of healing energy. With every session, the way of life and existence is released from the blockages that are holding back ones progress on spiritual as well as material front. One can attain fulfilling growth at the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level. All one needs to do is to take the leap of faith in the pursuit of empowering a purpose. 

What is The Spiritual way of Healing?

Healing is a restorative process of the body, mind, and intellect that leads to rekindling the essence of the DIVINE.

The human system is a complex yet elegant system for a soul. It is the means by which we have access to our eternal, unlimited nature where the realm of Higher consciousness exists.

 ‘Mediation’ is originally derived from the word medication. There are four types of health – anatomical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All these together are referred to as holistic health. There are medications for anatomical and mental health, but with meditation, the health of the body, mind, and soul is possible. All dictionaries talk of the meaning of illness and not health. Health is nothing but the absence of illness. The macro and the microcosm have to be in complete balance for the healthy, successful, and effortless effort of existence.

Shambhavi is that healing power that heals from the root cause of the illness, be it emotional, physical, or mental.

The Third Eye and Shambhavi

Shambhavi (name of the goddess Durga/Gayatri), is a potent flow of life force energy that is generated from Shiva’s third eye.

SHAMBHU is Lord Shiva the yang energy and BHAVI is the yin energy and also the eye mudra of Shiva. 

As this elegant and potent energy lies dormant in each one of us unless awakened through a process of initiation, empowers a person and thus is an integral part of one’s spiritual growth. This is therefore also referred to as the cosmic gateway which is the bridge that connects the cosmos and you.

It is an ongoing process that keeps unrevealing its deeper aspects at every step and thus requires perseverance and patience. 

Tapping into the abilities of the Third Eye can be achieved through specific techniques and practices that have to be carefully structured for slow but sure and gradual growth. to bring in material as well as spiritual growth in your life.

The Third eye chakra is the seat for wisdom, creativity, vision, awareness, intellect insight and leads to Samadhi/ self realisation.

When healthy, it allows us to see clearly, in effect, letting us see “the bigger picture” and also builds focus and one-pointedness of the mind. Thus, let us create and implement a vision as we continue to attain the highest material (bhog) as well as Spiritual success (moksha). 

When imbalanced there is a lack of insight and intuitiveness, inability to make decisions, feeling lost, discouraged or egotistical, fearful of success, and inability to acknowledge & have the necessity to learn or ask for help.

When activated, this energy burns off all the negative un-required energies, thought patterns, disease, and Karmic factors, thus connecting us to the deep dimensions of the Self. This leads to deeper meditative states and opens stores for progress and success at every level.

For the Self, there is no quicker way to achieve Self-realization.

He who meditates on Shambhavi with great devotion, is said to be the owner of a Trishul (in control of the 3 aspects of existence) & the added benefits are the changes in one’s mental state, one attains a progressive and prosperous life along with a blooming personality.

One experiences a continuous flow of divine fire from both the eyes and third eye. This fire creates enormous energetic heat which disintegrates all the diseased energies and resolves many Karmic factors.

Shambhavi also takes you into deep meditation as quick purification of the conscious self and higher bodies start from the very beginning.

The following are some of the effects that one feels alongside the journey

-Ability to heal many diseases and blockages in life.

-Clearing the Karmic patterns.

-Receiving both material and spiritual progress- and a perfect balance in both bhog (material aspect)

and moksha (spiritual aspect) of life.

-Evolving to be alert, aware, and farsighted.

-It takes the person away from lethargy & fatigue.

– Creating a blooming personality wherein the change of one’s mental state, helps attain a progressive and prosperous life.

-One remains connected to the higher dimensions through deep meditations causing a gradual yet

structured spiritual growth

-Creation of Infinite Possibilities – You manifest all that you want if you’re inner and outer being is in balance and purified.  SHIVA also means causeless auspicious. He is the embodiment of possibilities, infinite possibilities.

-Using it for Universal benefits and Planet Earth selflessly eventually becomes an effortless effort 

As a way of Life

Through the Shambhavi process, while we learn the tools for empowerment, it is also important to understand and imbibe how to best use these tools. The teachings are rooted in the wisdom of our Vedas, the understanding of which helps the individual unfold their true essence layer by layer and practice a more conscious and aware way of life

Vedanta literally means “end of the Vedas”. Vedanta is universal in its application and is equally relevant even today in all walks of life. 

Vedanta affirms: The oneness of existence, the divinity of the soul, and the harmony of all religions.

This also maintains most importantly that God dwells within our own hearts as the divine Self-giving us reflecting ideas that emerged from the speculations and philosophies contained in the Scriptures. It does not stand for any one comprehensive or unifying doctrine. 

We move towards this goal as we grow with knowledge and life experiences. 

These paths are known as the Four Yogas. We can choose a path based on our personality or inclination, or follow the practices of the paths in any combination.

Bhakti Yoga-a path of love and devotion, Jnana yoga – is the path of knowledge, Karma Yoga is the path of selfless work, & Raja Yoga is the path of meditation. 

Ignorance, Illusion as Maya is the veil that covers our real nature and the real nature of the world around us. Maya is fundamentally inscrutable: we don’t know why it exists and we don’t know when it began. What we do know is that, like any form of ignorance, Maya ceases to exist at the dawn of knowledge, the knowledge of our own divine nature.

As water seeps into the ground and finds its way deep into the ground due to the earth’s gravity force but when it rises back to the surface it is the purest & freshest form of water. Similarly, when the knowledge sinks in, be alert to whatever happens within. For when the effect of the knowledge secretly surfaces the purest and divine aspect of the self shines through and the person knows the self as the blissful ecstatic divine – ‘a cosmic creator’.

The Spiritual AWAKENING

The process that starts from the very basic chakra knowledge and chakra balancing eventually leads to deeper experiences and moving into the state of nothingness and oneness with our higher self through understanding, meditation, and practices

Meditation is a natural process for us and if practiced well it will take you beyond body and mind towards self-realization. Actually, self-realization is nothing but holistic health of the spirit. This empowering energy is slowly and steadily built up and thus it adds to your energetic growth and a deep understanding of the laws of the universe is understood and mastered.

Through these practices, the individual awakens strong will persistence, and a state of THOUGHTLESS AWARENESS, wherein you observe a total transformation within you. This is what helps you free yourself from the shackles of illusionary existence.

So, in a hyper-connected, information-overloaded, and “busy” world, isn’t it time for some quiet inward/Me time. Because what you perceive outside is inside.

Wait! So, before you check that notification on your phone, take back your power and be the Master of your own Destiny. Let SHAMBHAVI show you the path you were born to tread on and allow yourself to be immsered in a life-altering experience. 

Author – Justin Khodaiji

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