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Empowered living

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Our philosophy of “Empowered living” leads you to tap into the immense power that’s already within you and answers all the Why, How, and What’s to live a fulfilling life.

With a vision to TRANSFORM AND EMPOWER the lives of people Rudra your Spiritual Pursuit was founded. We contextualize ancient Indian wisdom for today with specially crafted programs to meditate, heal, and learn. This helps to elevate every aspect of life – health, wealth, career, relationships, and spirituality. Now that’s an empowered life!

We have specially crafted programs and events for you to meditate, heal, and learn. Choose your path to Empowered living.

Our Programs

Meditation and healing programs to empower you

Spiritual retreats

Self-transformation in the lap of nature.

Personal consultation and counselling

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Personal consultation

  • Vaastu
  • Numerology 
  • Tarot
  • Counselling (Individual & Couple)

Meet Jagriti Kajaria

(Empowerment Coach)

Jagriti Kajaria experienced her spiritual calling at a very early age. Her spiritual education began with the study of various scriptures and divinatory sciences under the tutelage of renowned gurus such as Swami Chinmayananda, Avdhoot Shivanand, and Shri Kashinathan Iyer. She embarked on her journey as an Empowerment Coach in 2009 from her Mumbai center and she now conducts workshops across the globe. She has recently launched spiritual retreats that seekers across the world can enlist for. Through all her programmes she uses her experiences to guide her students to living an inspired life, embodying her philosophy of “living life 200% – 100% in the Material world and 100% in Spiritual Awareness.

From quick hacks to deep knowledge, dive in to explore our “Empowered living” Blog


30 seconds meditation

“I feel that when you are ready to find your answers, guidance will always come to you in some form. Over the years, I have realised that when you are open to
receiving, only then will the path open up for you. When I look back at my journey, I realise that without the support of the Rudra Spiritual Pursuits Team, my life would have been very boring. I am grateful to Jagriti Aunty for her guidance and support, more than
I can express.”

Preeti SinghHR Consultant

“With Rudra and Jagriti, I finally learnt to trust myself and all that I have within. And here I am living my dream of a successful home baker today despite all the challenges.”

Shivani ChopraBaker

Empowered living

Empowered living

Empowered living

Empowered living

Empowered living

You deserve to achieve your dreams . Believe it.

You deserve to achieve your dreams . Believe it.

You deserve to achieve your dreams . Believe it.

You deserve to achieve your dreams . Believe it.

You deserve to achieve your dreams . Believe it.

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